A Game of “Never Have I Ever” You Will Absolutely Win!

Let’s play a fast game of “Never Have I Ever.” It is the Kate McMellon/Willing Beauty version where nobody loses.

Here’s what you do:

If you can answer “Never Have I Ever” to even three of these statements, you will now know that you need to give Willing Beauty Products an attempt!

Ok. Here we go. Are you prepared?

Just a shoutout, if you need more never have I ever questions find them here.

A Game of Never Have I Ever You Will Absolutely Win!

Never Have I Ever:

-Thrown water on my face whilst washing it like the girls do in commercials. #WhyIWashMyFaceInTheShower

-Had a skin care regimen that has been so simple and simple that I could actually stay with it. #keepitsimple

-Used all of a wonder product and attempted to return the empty bottle as it did not work for me. #happinessguarantee

-Employed skincare that has been effective for my skin concerns that didn’t also cause unwanted side effects. #SafeAndEffective

-Used skin care that was safe and nourishing for my skin that was actually effective for the skin concerns. #Hy5Complex

-Found skin care intended for teenagers and tweens to nourish youthful skin and also help develop healthful habits. #WillaRegimen

-Earned rewards in my buys that actually paid me back into the free product. #CrushInsider #GoldenHeartRewards

-Gifted a full skin care regimen to a buddy at no expense to me after using it myself for a month or two. #Buy3Gift1FREE

-Had my own private website as a customer to refer friends and make more rewards. #ShareTheLove

-Been on the ground floor of a major direct sales opportunity. #GroundFloor

-Had a clear leader in business who managed to inspire me, coach me, and mentor me. #HelloKate

-Had so much pleasure asking myself questions about skin care. #MoreWhereThatCameFrom

GIRL!!! How did you do?

Did you WIN???

YOU DID?!?!?!

Woooo hoooo!!!!!

This has been a BLAST! I am SO HAPPY that you WON!!!!

Message me now and let me hook you up with the right Willing Beauty Regimen for you!

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